About Project Diablerie

The world of Diablerie is set in a world adjacent to ours where vampiric lords of the night have lived in secret from us for some time. These lords have formed Families, vampires with similar manifestations of their affliction. In the different Families exist a parasite, always threatening to consume and take over their bodies. Those who have been completely consumed, the Anathema, pose a threat to mortal society and supernatural society alike as their frenzied assaults contain the full strength of the parasite unfettered.

A tentative alliance was formed between a group of young ambitious vampires whose goal was to unite themselves and fully conquer their parasite. They formed the Sovereign, a society that has stood until the modern day. Extending their Kindnesses onto the vampiric world, the Sovereign has taken uncontested reign over the night challenged only by those who grow too close to their parasite, the Anathema.

The Sovereign

Although a national Sovereign structure more than likely exists, our game will focus on local politics.

The laws of the Sovereign are known as the “Kindnesses”. These Kindnesses were agreed upon by the founders as beneficial for all the vampiric Families.

The Kindnesses end up informing the politics of any given territory. However there are an innumerable number of mundane grievances not covered by the Kindnesses that are up to a given Territory to decide. The political structure in charge of deciding these daily issues is known as the Conclave, and is comprised of one Prominent member of each Family. The members of a Conclave are known as the Speaker. The Speaker often acts as the head of the Family, as all decisions made at a Territory level are decided by the Conclave. Politics will vary er City and per Speaker, as no inherent precedent is set and needs to be followed other than the Kindnesses (although most Families’ have issues that they are more vested in)p

Existing tangentially and working in accordance to the Conclave are the Hounds. The Hounds act as the enforcement arm of the Conclave. Often, those who have broken Kindnesses will be given duty in the Hounds. These include those who have fallen dangerously close to Anathema, as well as those who have been given some sort of exception to the Kindnesses present. The Hounds have a central political figure known as the Houndsmaster. The Houndsmasters are not permitted to participate in inner-Family position and are tasked with not only hunting and killing Anathema but hunting and killing any Hound deemed no longer viable by the Conclave.

The Families

Within the Sovereign there exist five distinct Families of vampires. They are the Charred, the Crowned, the Caged, the Veiled, and the Wretched. Each family is distinct, both empowered and haunted by the nature of the supernatural affliction that transforms them into a vampire. This informs the powers they express, the banes they suffer, the politics they embody, and the lives they live.

Which Family Do You Belong To?